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The whole thing in wonderful historical costumes. On And on And the highlight of the weekend is of course the gala of horsemanship - moviestars on Sunday, Experience the most famous, most beautiful, most romantic and romantic films, lovingly staged by the courtyard and and the beautiful stallions. Zur Veranschaulichung habe ich beide Muskeln in das untere Bild eingezeichnet.

Tragkraft vs. Schubkraft — Gesundheit vs. Reitkunst Feingeist - Wege zur feinen Reiterei im Extertal is feeling thoughtful. Do you know that? You read books of seemingly gifted horse people or follow them on the well-known channels. It seems as if you are burning for the well-being of your animals, as if you have unlimited knowledge and would master any physical or mental challenge in nu.

Actually, these horses would have to go dazzling, great posture, ideal feeding, relaxed psyche and healthy stable and mobile bodies.

And then you get an insight into reality and may live live, which was written so well. Suddenly it doesn't feel for you anymore, as if the beloved horse is at the center of the activities. There is spoken of love, but what you feel are only pressure, expectations, of and on the other side fear, stress, tension and uncertainty. Things are being taught that are not implemented in practice themselves.

Too often, the sense of the track has been lost and the action may have become even harmful. What remains is confusion - and disappointment, our expectation was a completely different one. This is how it must go to the horses affected.

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What did the supposed gymnastics and the common "work" use to the horse if we asked? The view of how our horses feel, we have already lost people exceptions confirm the rule.

Translation of «Vollblut» into 25 languages

This is already revealing 2 minutes of research in social media - which pictures do you receive most likes? Theory and practice have lost the common " denominator Because we experience such experiences, in one or other form, every day in dealing with people, it has become a certain degree of normality.

We have learned, or learn to always have to look behind the facade. We know that we are not going to say everything that is said for bare coin. But how is our horses doing? What is often "shame" for us, shows our horses our unpredictability. Ignorance can forgive horses, they do it every day on the new.

You feel that we give our best or at least that we don't have bad intentions. Horses are masters to meet us every day unbiased and always see the best in us. But what if we "audition" them? If we suddenly want to present ourselves to spectators or if we just try to "dubbing" our stress, trouble or our fears.

Translation of «Gestüt» into 25 languages

Horses are fluchttiere. In this role, it is vital to read the intentions of others on the basis of changes in the body's posture, posture, facial expressions and A Non-"Authentic" behavior is something that horses do not happen outside of human actions. Would you trust someone who is not honest in his statements and his actions? Then there are days when it's better when we spare our horses with our ballast. Then it's also better to rethink our plans when we realize that our horses themselves are stressed from the storm, from stress in the herd or tired, because now it would actually be rest time.

Work on such days often throws us back in training, leaves subtlety in favor of "that must work now" thoughts. My Tip: be yourself and work on it every day. Love your horse and try to have a nice time with your partner horse, even if it means to put it on the meadow as well. Or on an expensive learning not to be excel, but simply to return to something what " works ".

As always in life, it sounds so easy, but if we are honest, we don't always succeed. We are just not horses, we are people, hunters, in everyday stress and our horse is our hobby.