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Aviation Accident Reports

A buggy drove by, and when the horse passed in front of the house he broke into a smart trot. On the seat sat a courting couple, stiff and rather awkward in their Sunday best.

The young man waved his whip in greeting. Branchaud and Moisan took their pipes out of their mouths in acknowledgement. On the other side of the road the checkerboard pattern of the fields began again and stretched away until it came up against the russet fringe of alders and here, through the gaps, there were glimpses of the steely sheen of the river. As if riveted to the wide circle of the horizon, and suspended above all this colour, was the pale blue dome of the northern sky.

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But neither of the two men was conscious of the face of the earth, the overpainted face of an old woman with the first signs of winter already visible. For it was their arms and not their eyes which linked them to Mother Nature — their thickset arms, that on Sundays seemed to become paralysed and to hang inert beside their chair legs. Only their hands emerged from the sleeves of coarse homespun — rough calloused hands, alike in both men, though they were of different ages.

For hands age fast from contact with the handles of the plough or from wielding the pitchfork and the axe. Branchaud had the face of a man of fifty, the body of a man of thirty-five. Euchariste Moisan might have been anywhere between twenty and thirty. It was kind of queer of the old man to go and settle up there. But I know sure enough that it was more of a stone-mine than a gold-mine. Just stones and stones.

What else? To be sure, the creek where the fishing was so difficult with all the bushes in which the line caught, and the flash of a too agile trout slithering down through the branches to fall back into the current. A vague memory of a huge valley with mountains and still more mountains at the other end of it and one in particular with a hump standing out above the others. For a long time he had thought that it was here Christ had been crucified.

But those were the recollections of a child and he was a man now. You see it was night-time, Mr. It all burned up — the barn, the stable, and the house. Everything, everybody.


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They spoke slowly and said little, as was their custom, for they were farmers and therefore sparing of words. Thomas Jefferson's gravesite at Monticello, near Charlottesville, Virginia. He died aged 83 on 4 July - the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. The inscription on the marker at Thomas Jefferson's gravesite at Monticello, near Charlottesville, Virginia.

This epitaph specifically mentions the three things that the man was most proud of and that he wanted to be remembered for. President of the United States was not among them. The star-shaped fort was constructed by the French between and to protect the lake from British forces approaching from the south.

Originally called Fort Carillon, it was renamed Fort Ticonderoga when the British captured the stronghold in Cannon in Fort Ticonderoga facing north towards Lake Champlain. The fort was constructed by the French between and to protect the lake from British forces approaching from the south. Reconstruction on the fort began in the early 20th century and continues. The fort was rearmed in the 20th century with 14 pound cannon provided by the British Government.

The cannon had been cast in England for use during the American Revolutionary War, but the war ended before they were shipped. After the fort was captured by an American force led by Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold in May , its cannon were transported to Boston where their deployment on Dorchester Heights forced the British to evacuate the city in March British forces placed cannon on the m ft hill forcing the American garrison to abandon the fort on 5 July Established in by Edward W.

Bok as a gift to the American people, the acre garden in Lake Wales, Florida was designed to be a contemplative and informal woodland setting. Acres of ferns, palms, oaks, and pines offer a lush backdrop for flowering foliage including azaleas, camellias, and magnolias. The Carillon music is played daily.

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The limestone structure includes tile mosaics, animal carvings, and custom iron-work. This iconic view of Yosemite Falls, a major attraction in Yosemite National Park in California, shows both the upper and lower falls. The falls come from Yosemite Creek, rushing in the spring from snow melt. The upper fall plunges some m 1, ft from the valley rim, making it alone among the 20 highest falls in the world. The combined drop of m 2, ft for the upper fall, middle cascades, and lower fall make Yosemite Falls the highest measured falls in the United States.


Bridalveil Falls is often the first waterfall seen by tourists coming into Yosemite Valley in California, it drops m ft into the valley. The falls run all year, roaring during the spring runoff and appearing as a windblown "bridal veil" during the rest of the year. During the summer one may be hard pressed to find parking here. This image from Sentinel Bridge shows Yosemite Valley at sunset.

Census of Canada, 1871, Ontario, heads of household

Half Dome, the brightly lit rock formation in the background, is one of the last places in the valley to receive sunlight as the day ends. On 9 February , two low pressure systems came together directly over New England. The resultant giant nor'easter created blizzards from Massachusetts to New York. Image courtesy of NASA.

Aviation Accident Reports

This regional view shows the striking visual effect of the valley-and-ridge topography of the Appalachian Mountains as viewed from the International Space Station. The image shows more than km mi of this low mountain chain from northeast Pennsylvania top right to southern West Virginia, where a dusting of snow covers a patch of land lower left. Sunglint reflections reveal details of the Chesapeake Bay and the great bend of the Potomac River. Cities are difficult to detect from space during daylight hours, so the sickle-shaped bend of the river is a good visual guide for astronauts trying to photograph the nation's capital, Washington D.

The farm-dominated Piedmont Plateau is the light-toned area between the mountains and the bay.

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The Appalachian Mountains appear striped because the ridges are forested, providing a dense and dark canopy cover, while the valleys are farmed with crops that generally appear as lighter-toned areas. Farmland is even lighter than usual in this image because the fields are fallow after the harvest.

Photo courtesy of NASA. Lily pond at the Gibraltar Gardens in Wilmington, Delaware. Formal garden as seen from a balcony at the Nemours Mansion, Wilmington, Delaware. The Gardens are the largest French formal gardens in North America and are patterned after the gardens of Versailles. The gilded statue represents Achievement. The one-acre 0. When they are turned off, the entire Long Walk is reflected in the pool. The pool, 5. The Mansion was built in by industrialist Alfred I. The Temple of Diana is in the far background. The Gardens are one of the premier botanical gardens in the United States.

The silver garden inside one of the conservatories at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Part of the Red Rocks sandstone formation in the Sedona area of Arizona. The rocks appear to glow reddish orange in the early morning or evening sunlight. Bell Rock is a butte south of Sedona, Arizona composed of horizontal beds of late Permian approx. Rock formations in the Sedona area of Arizona display their distinctive horizontal sedimentary rock layers.