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Rip out your favorite songs and sound good. Jam and improvise with other musicians. Play in a band and hold your own. Dreaming of picking up a bass and flooring everyone, but daunted by the reality of actually learning it. Learning can be slow and frustrating if you learn the wrong way. No confusion, no head scratching. Be coached every step of the way, with each lesson seamlessly building on the last.

No need to practice alone. Our secret weapon: Josh Fossgreen.

Play Bass Guitar Step One Beginner Book + Cd Set New

Hey Josh! I want to thank you so much for all of your videos. Josh rocks! Josh really helped me out. Love how he broke it down and explained it to me in terms I could relate to.

Our teaching technique is insanely simple, with real results. No gimmicks. No nonsense. Grab your bass, load up the lessons, play along, get good. Deliberate Practice is when you work on a skill that requires 1 to 3 practice sessions to master. If it takes longer than that, then you are working on something that is too complex. Once you master that skill, you can move on to practicing the next component that will take 1 to 3 sessions to master. The result? Check it out …. Dan had never played an instrument before. Could we turn unconfident Dan into a solid bassist, in just weeks, with our system?

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You can see exactly how to do the technique correctly and hear the subtleties of how you should be sounding. No finger or fret mix-ups with us.

Guitarist's Guide to Playing Bass: 20 Tips to Help You Think Like a Bassist

You also get to use our play-along method, rather than having to figure out stuff by yourself. I loved how easy to understand the lessons are. This course increases in difficulty at the exact right speed. The visuals you provide of the beats, as well as the fret board, are really cool to make sure we are on the path to playing everything correct. The constant reiterations of how to play correctly make this program a huge success.

I have said this before and I will say it again, I am very impressed with your teaching method. The lesson package has been phenomenal in improving my bass skills. I had already taken bass lessons for a couple years so I decided to take the Hardcore plan of three lessons a day for a month and this covers it all. It taught me better techniques on stuff I thought I knew, and new things as well such as Slap bass which I enjoy so much! The gauge is the thickness of the string and these thinner strings feel easier to play. He could probably play like he does on any instrument but it sure is easier on his beautifully set up Fodera with lighter gauge strings.

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Sometimes you can know if a bass player is any good simply by looking at how they hold the instrument. It either looks extremely uncomfortable and like a foreign object or like an extension of their body. The fact is that it is a strange and unwieldy instrument!

However, if you hold it correctly, it becomes comfortable as well as making all parts of the fretboard accessible. There are a few ways of holding the bass and you will see different players doing different things, By all means, try a few out and see what works best for you. For example, you see bass players holding the instrument a bit more like a classical guitarist would which keeps the wrist straighter which is great for avoiding strain and potential injury down the line and the fretboard very accessible.

You only have to look at YouTube to see videos of talented year-olds playing at breakneck speed or mph slap bass licks everywhere. However, most bass playing in a band or recording setting involves simple, fundamental techniques executed really well with great time. This is good news for you because, if you are just starting out or are looking to reach the next step, just work on the basics.

That means — probably — fingerstyle for the most part, then some slap and plectrum. You are a unique player with your own goals so you can choose which techniques will best express what kind of bass player you want to be.

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I recommend really nailing basic fingerstyle and then introducing some basic slap and plectrum. These techniques simply are tools to creating different tones and effects so, I believe, the more you know the better especially if you want to play lots of different styles and certainly if you want to turn pro. This may seem simple but a lot of beginners get this wrong which can lead to all kinds of confusion! We are musicians though and we talk in terms of pitch how high or low notes are.

This may seem trivial but I think a true understanding of the notes on the bass and the layout of the instrument begins with getting this right. It really helps with translating what you hear in your head to musical sounds on the bass too.

Structured Lesson Sets

Two things relating to this. Firstly, always tune up before you start playing. Secondly, when you fret a note, make sure you press gently against the fretboard and do not pull downwards on the string.

A correct fretting hand position will ensure that you fret the note properly without inadvertently playing out of tune. The coolest sounding scale to start with is the minor pentatonic because so many rock, funk and pop bass lines have been made up using it. Just play it up and down and it sounds great. However, for a brilliant technical workout and as something that will be used over and over again to explain music theory and how bass lines work, the major scale is a must.

You can play so many bass lines using the major scale too so it just makes no sense at all to ignore it. Learn this inside out and back to front. Here is a moveable one-octave shape to get you started. There are loads of different ways to play this but this will do to start with. This is such a huge subject. One of the biggest factors in slow or minimal progress I see in teaching is either not having a practice routine or not putting enough time into the instrument.

Simple Right Hand Bass Techniques for Beginners

You have a very simple question to ask yourself:. In other words, do you want to be good? Aim for consistency. Ten minutes every day is better than fifty minutes once a week. This will change depending on your circumstances and also your hunger to improve. There are also a few posts here on the subject.

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